MacDill AFB, FL Housing and Relocation Information

    Housing Information 
    The military provides two option for the use of your Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH)
    The first option is to live on base. Your second option is to use your BAH to buy or rent a home off base. We provide you with military friendly information to help you maximize your BAH.

    • The Housing Management Office (813) 828-3166 can answer all of your housing questions. Contact the HMO as soon as you know you are moving. You will be provided with the latest information on local housing as well as referral services and relocation assistance. They offer counseling and guidance before entering into a lease agreement and help resolve tenant-landlord disputes.

    Macdill AFB On Base Housing  

    • The Unaccompanied Housing Office (813) 828-2790 is reserved for airmen in the ranks of E1-E3 and E4 with less than 3 years of service. You are provided with private sleeping room, furnishings, bed linens and supplies required for comfortable living.  

    • MacDill AFB on-base housing is privatized. Harbor Bay at MacDill (813) 840-2600 offers 2-4 bedroom single family homes and duplexes based on rank and family size. The community amenities include: playgrounds and dog parks. 

    MacDill AFB, FL Off Base Housing

    4614 River Close Blvd 4 Bed / 3 Bath / 2,298 Sq.Ft. / $551,520 | Home for Sale 15 miles from Bayshore Gate

    6907 PARK STRAND DRIVE 3 Bed / 1 Bath / 4,400 Sq.Ft. / $5,200 | Home for Rent 8.6 miles from Bayshore Gate

    304 Oak Landing Dr 5 Bed / 4 Bath / 3,545 Sq.Ft. / $750,000 | Home for Sale 31.1 miles from Bayshore Gate

    10435 Flagstaff Falls Ave 4 Bed / 3 Bath / 3,030 Sq.Ft. / $3,200 | Home for Rent 9.6 miles from Bayshore Gate

    11638 Tangle Stone Dr 3 Bed / 2 Bath / 1,691 Sq.Ft. / $2,900 | Home for Rent 7.3 miles from Bayshore Gate

    3505 Grand Forks Drive 4 Bed / 3 Bath / 2,500 Sq.Ft. / $2,800 | Home for Rent 24.3 miles from Bayshore Gate

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