MacDill AFB, FL - Gate Hours, Map and Status

    The Dale Mabry Gate located on the north edge of the base, just off US 92 is open 24 hours for passenger vehicles, and 1500-0500 M-F for commercial vehicles. The Bayshore Gate is also open all week from 0500-2100. MacDill Gate is open twice a day, M-F: mornings 0500-0900 Inbound traffic only and evenings 1500-1800 Outbound traffic only. The primary commercial gate is the Tanker Way Gate, open M-F 0530-1500, with a morning POV lane open M-F 0530-0800.

    Dale Mabry Gate
    Gate Operation Information: All Traffic: 24/7
    Commercial Traffic: 1500-0500 Mon-Fri
    Bayshore Gate
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Sun: 0500-2100
    Tanker Way Gate (Port Tampa) (Commercial vehicle gate)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0600-1500
    Morning POV Traffic: Mon-Fri 0530-0800
    MacDill Gate
    Gate Operation Information: Inbound Only: Mon-Fri 0500-0900
    Outbound Only: Mon-Fri 1500-1800